CS:10001 Computer Literacy Spring 2018

MWF 12:05pm - 1pm @ MSB 243

Instructor Heather M. Guarnera
Office Hours MW 1-2pm, and by appointment
Email hmichaud@kent.edu

This syllabus, and deadlines, are subject to change.

Course Description

This course is an introductory undergraduate course which overviews computer information systems. Concepts covered include terminology, computer hardware, software, and networks as well as the impact of computers and the internet on society, ethical issues in computing, trends in information processing, and future aspects of technology. Students use a computer with systems software and applications software, including a word processor, electronic spreadsheet, database management system, and web page editor to process data and present useful information.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn computing terminology, various aspects of computing, applications, trends, and impact in modern society. Through labwork, students will develop the ability to (i) use Microsoft Office software, including Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint; (ii) create an e-portfolio/website.




We will cover the following topics (the topics and order listed are tentative and subject to change; some topics may only be quickly surveyed to add breadth, while others will be covered in reasonable depth).


There will be five labs which introduce and use the following tools:


There will be one individual project where you must pick a future technology related to your area of interest. You will create a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation which discusses what the technology is, how it would be implemented in society, and what its positive and negative impact would be on society and the economy. You will present your project at the end of the semester.

Course Requirements

Homework Assignments 10%
Labs 10%
Participation (includes attendance and quizzes) 15%
Project (presented Tues, May 8 @ 10:15am - 12:30pm) 20%
Exam 1 (tentatively in February) 15%
Exam 2 (tentatively in March) 15%
Final Exam (tentatively in May) 15%

Final Grading Scale

The grading scale is as follows.

Scale: 0% 60% 67% 70% 73% 77% 80% 83% 87% 90% 93%
Grade: F D D+ C- C C+ B- B B+ A- A
GPA: 0.00 1.00 1.30 1.70 2.00 2.30 2.70 3.00 3.30 3.70 4.00

Make-up and Late policy

Attendance at times exams are given is a course requirement. Missed exams and missed homework are only excused if absence was essential and can be fully documented. Homework must be turned in by the due date. Unexcused late homework is not accepted. Class extensions on homework will be announced in class. They may also be announced by email and at the course website.

Registration Requirement

The official registration deadline for this course is January 19. University policy requires all students to be officially registered in each class they are attending. Students who are not officially registered for a course by published deadlines should not be attending classes and will not receive credit or a grade for the course. Each student must confirm enrollment by checking his/her class schedule (using Student Tools in FlashFast) prior to the deadline indicated. Registration errors must be corrected prior to the deadline. The last day to withdraw before a grade of "W" is assigned is January 21. No approval is necessary before this date. The last day to withdraw with a grade of "W" assigned is March 25.

Student Accessibility Policy

University Policy 3342-3-01.3 requires that students with disabilities be provided reasonable accommodations to ensure their equal access to course content. If you have a documented disability and require accommodations, please contact the instructor at the beginning of the semester to make arrangements for necessary classroom adjustments. Please note, you must first verify your eligibility for these through Student Accessibility Services (contact 330-672-3391 or visit www.kent.edu/sas for more information on registration procedures).


This is a condensed version. For the complete policy and procedure, view the administrative policy.

Cheating and plagiarism constitute fraudulent misrepresentation for which no credit can be given and for which appropriate sanctions are warranted and will be applied. The university affirms that acts of cheating and plagiarism by students constitute a subversion of the goals of the institution, have no place in the university and are serious offenses to academic goals and objectives, as well as to the rights of fellow students.

"Cheat" means to intentionally misrepresent the source, nature, or other conditions of academic work so as to accrue undeserved credit, or to cooperate with someone else in such misrepresentation. Cheating includes, but is not limited to:

`Plagiarize` means to take and present as one`s own a material portion of the ideas or words of another or to present as one`s own an idea or work derived from an existing source without full and proper credit to the source of the ideas, words, or works. As defined, plagiarize includes, but is not limited to:

Academic Sanctions (from Section D). The following academic sanctions are provided by this rule for offenses of cheating or plagiarism. Kent campus instructors shall notify the department chairperson and the student conduct office each time a sanction is imposed. Regional campus instructors shall notify the regional campus dean and the student conduct officer each time a sanction is imposed. Regional campus student conduct officer shall notify the Kent student conduct office each time a sanction is imposed by a regional campus Instructor. The following academic sanctions are provided by this rule for offenses of cheating or plagiarism. In those cases the instructor may:

Procedures for invoking sanctions (from Section E). Academic administrative procedures pertaining to paragraph (D)(1)(a) of this rule. In the event that an instructor determines that it is more probable than not that a student in a course or program under the instructor's supervision has presented work for university credit which involves an act of cheating, plagiarism or cooperation in either, then the instructor shall: